Registration for Sunday School 

Metropolitan United and Kingston Road United

10:30am weekly at Kingston Road United Church, in the front garden (just after children’s choir)

All activities will be outdoor and we will require all children, staff, and volunteers to wear masks and be 6-feet a part at all times. If we need to move to virtual Sunday School due to weather we will let all those registered know by Sunday morning at 8am. 

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  • Who will be dropping off or picking up your child? Do you have any particular custody arrangements that we should be made aware of? Is there anyone who should NOT pick up your child from Sunday School?
  • We do not have any trained medical staff on site.
  • Does your child have any allergies?
    We are delighted that we are currently in a position to be able to offer Sunday school in person this year and are so excited that your child will be joining us for this program! Please note, we may need to put in-person Sunday school on hold if public health authorities require us to do so. You will be informed in a timely manner if this is the case. Our Commitment to Minimize Exposure: Building on our experience from partners, we are committed to taking steps to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission within the program this summer. Minimizing risk also requires a commitment from participants to practice safety and wellbeing. Below we have listed some of the protocols we are putting in place, and the practices we will require of our participants in order to maximize safety and wellbeing for all. Risks of choosing Sunday school: Please understand that by coming to Sunday school in person, you are assuming the risk of exposure to the coronavirus (or other public health risk). This risk may increase if your family members spend time in the community. It is important to note that while COVID-19 disproportionately affects older and immune-compromised adults, people of all ages have become seriously ill and have died. In order to attend our program this summer year, we require you to acknowledge these risks and release the program of liability.
    More than anything, we want to ensure that you and your family feels safe and confident attending Sunday School with us. We are committed to your teens safety and are here to answer any questions. Here is a list of some of the practices we will be putting in place to minimize the risk to all our participants. - Staff/volunteers will follow health and safety guidelines as provided by Public Health around all mask and protective gear wearing and sanitization. - We will host Sunday School completely outside - We will require all participants (campers, volunteers and staff) to screen weekly before coming to Sunday School. Volunteers/staff and participants displaying symptoms will not be permitted on site. - All of our program planning will meet 3 criteria: 1. It is in line with Public Health directives, 2. It does not require the use of frequently shared surfaces, 3. It maximizes, or has been adapted to maximize, physical distancing expectations of 2 metres between participants - We will follow contact tracing protocol and documentation currently in place at Kingston Road United Church.
    To help keep everyone safer, we require all families to adhere to certain safeguards as well. Please review the following requirements of all of our participants to attend in-person Sunday school. - Complete our DAILY screening form upon arrival at Sunday school. - Only participants will be allowed in the "programming area" - Please practice physical distancing (2 metres/6 feet) when on site - Do not attend Sunday school if any member of your family is showing any symptoms of a cold until 48 hours after symptoms have cleared. - Do not attend Sunday school if your child, or someone in your household, has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days. - If your child displays any symptoms (such as a headache, fatigue, cold symptoms) at any point during Sunday school, you will be called to come and pick them, and any siblings, up from Sunday school - Please inform the The GO Project staff if anyone in your household tests positive for COVID within 2 weeks of your child attending Sunday School in person.
  • I acknowledge and accept that there is a risk that my child could be exposed to COVID-19 while attending Sunday school in person. I acknowledge and confirm that I am willing to accept this risk as a condition of my child participating in the program. In consideration of the program agreeing to have my child participate in Sunday school in person, I agree to release The GO Project, the hosting congregation, their officers, directors, employees, agents and volunteers (the “Releasees”) from any and all causes of action, claims, demands, requests, damages or any recourse whatsoever in respect of any personal injuries or other damages which may occur or arise as a result of exposure to COVID-19 during my child participation in the camp program. I do hereby acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, I declare that I will not commence litigation or otherwise seek to recover damages or other compensation against the Releasees based on any action, claim, demand, request, loss or any recourse whatsoever arising from any potential or actual exposure to COVID-19 while attending the youth program. I further acknowledge that the Releasees can rely on this Release of Liability, Waiver of all Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk as a complete defence to any and all claims, damages, causes of action, or recourse or liability that may arise at any time. I have carefully reviewed this Release of Liability, Waiver of all Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk and acknowledge that I fully understand the terms as set out above. I acknowledge that I am signing this Release of Liability, Waiver of all Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk voluntarily.
    I declare that my child(ren)’s health is suitable for Sunday school activities, and have let staff know of ways they can support my child(ren) in having a life-giving experience at Sunday school. I agree to not hold staff or volunteers of The GO Project or of the host congregations liable for accidents or misfortune that may occur to the child (knowing that every precaution shall be taken by staff to ensure my child’s welfare and safety).
    I hereby grant to The GO Project, Kingston Road United and Metropolitan United the absolute right and permission to use, re-use, and publish photographic portraits or pictures of my child or in which they may be included, in whole or in part, or composite, without restriction as to changes or alterations from time to time, in any and all media now or hereafter known, for art, advertising, trade or any other legal purpose. I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or products or the advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied unless otherwise stipulated.
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