Financial Aid

We recognize that every family’s circumstances are different, and that includes finances. We believe that everyone who wants to participate in The GO Project should have the opportunity to do so, regardless of cost.

In 2018, we introduced a tiered pricing structure for our youth programs, which allows participants of both 8-Day and 11-Day programs to choose the tier which works for them. For every program, three options are provided: Tier A (Subsidized), Tier B (At Cost), and Tier C (Pay it Forward). Even with subsidization, however, we acknowledge that paying the registration fee may be a challenge.

The Vision Fund provides “grants in support of youth and young adult ministry to members, ministries, and partners of The United Church of Canada.” Individuals seeking to participate in programming associated with The United Church of Canada, including GO, can apply for the Continuing Education Bursary. Successful applicants are awarded up to $500.00, which is to be allocated to the costs associated with participation. Below is the application form for the Vision Fund Continuing Education Bursary and the link to the Vision Fund webpage, which provides further information.

Please visit the following link for further information about the Vision Fund:

There are other funding avenues available – please contact our office for information about how to apply and for help in the application process.


We also encourage participants of all ages to take ownership of their GO Project experience and engage in fundraising initiatives to raise money for their registration and travel costs. Below are some fundraising ideas:

Can & Bottle Drive
Often overlooked, this is a tried-and-true fundraising option. With the help of a couple friends and trusted adults – preferably one with a truck or van, collect recyclables from neighbours. If you can, hand out flyers to give notice a week or two in advance of the date you will be collecting, also letting people know what you are raising money for.

Prayer Beads
The use of prayer beads is a centuries-old practice in many religions, including Christianity. Create your own using supplies from a local craft store and sell them to members of your congregation or family friends, along with an explanation of how they can be used.

GO Project Bracelets
Bracelet-making is a popular summer camp activity, and many GO Project staff and participants have created GO-specific bracelets. Bracelets made using elastic cord and colourful beads are inexpensive to produce, but, when made with care, are beautiful. You can also attach tags with a note expressing your gratitude for those who purchase a bracelet and support your fundraising efforts.

Change Drive
Using a decorated – and dry – water jug, ask people to donate loose change they have. Fundraising cent by cent may seem arduous, but the jug will fill up quickly as people start to deposit spare change to help you reach your fundraising goal!

Coffee House / Talent Show
Do you and your friends sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, tell jokes, or entertain in some other way? A talent show or coffee house organized at your church or school is a great way to showcase your talent, bring the community together, and raise money. Charge people admission, sell baked goods and soft drinks, and have fun!

These are just a few fundraising ideas, but we encourage you to be creative and do something that you feel “called” to.

Should you choose to fundraise, remember that your safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance. Never go alone when selling fundraising products, soliciting donations, or sharing information about your cause. Ensure that you have proper guidance and supervision from responsible family members and friends, and that you are interacting only with people you trust.

If you would like support, resources, or promotional material to share with others as you try to raise money, please contact us at If you are interested in participating in GO, but are concerned about the cost, please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!