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It’s Parent & Partner Week! Day 33

This week we’re hearing from parents and guardians of GO participants and some of our local mission partners ?

? Act of Generosity: Visit the link in our bio to send a child or youth to camp this summer

“The GO project has affected my everyday life in so many unexpected and amazing ways. We went in not having a clue what it was all about, but taking away such an abundance of life and community-affirming energy, and awareness of the very real presence of God’s life and love in everyone we met. As a parent I am still filled with a profound sense of comfort knowing my family is loved, accepted and nourished in the most unexpected and surprising ways in such diverse communities. The people we met gave us so much more than we could imagine, and offered us genuine, gracious hospitality that allowed us to not only see the beauty in their lives, but to appreciate the gifts in ours.

It’s so hard to put it all in words, but that’s a start. I have so many wonderful memories of all of you, and the folks we met. Best wishes and heartfelt prayers for continuing community building! Hugs to you all ❤️” – GO Youth Parent ?

Act of Compassion: Who are you sending best wishes and heartfelt prayers to today? Our world and communities need extra love and prayers today, and every day ❤️?

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