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We’ve wrapped up our 2021 camps, but keep a lookout for the positions we have in 2022!

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member of the United Church to apply?

No! We consider ourselves and ecumenical organization and would love people of other faiths to join our team. If you are not a member of a specific religion or denomination, please feel free to also apply, as long as you have comfortability of talking with participants and fellow staff about faith and spirituality.

Do I need to have experience working with children and youth to apply?

To be a site staff, no – just a desire! To be a coordinator, yes you will need at least two years of leadership experience. Hiring is conditional on completing a level 2 police records check.

What is the application process?

Please read over our job descriptions to see if you are being called to a position, and if you are please send in your resume and application form to thegoproject@islingtonunited.org by the deadline. Interviews will follow.

I am a returning staff, what do I need to do to apply?
Please discern in you feel called to the same role you had in previous years, or to a new role and fill in a retuning staff application form by the jobs deadline. Interviews will follow.


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