Climate Motivators

A summer internship for young climate activists in the church.

In partnership with the General Council of The United Church of Canada, The Climate Motivators program aims to support the vision of climate justice and youth involvement of the UCC.

Each motivator will work on a climate justice project related to a personal passion of theirs in partnership with a sponsoring community of faith. Motivators must choose a project within one of these four UCC climate response areas: Raising our Spirited Voices; Responding to Climate Impact; Getting Our House in Order; and Reconnecting with Creation.

The program and employment will begin July 8th and run until August 30th. Motivators will be supported and encouraged to attend Rendez-vous: Audacious Hope July 3rd – 6th in St. Catharine ON. Following Rendez-vous, Motivators will attend a week of in-person orientation and training at Five Oaks Education & Retreat Centre, Paris ON, July 8th – 13th.


Role of the Mentor


  • Check in with interns for a minimum of a 30-minute period every two weeks 
  • Contact coordinators with any concerns about interns 
  • Offer space as possible to interns (working from church…) 
  • Plan with intern a way to present their project with their sponsoring COF at the end of the summer 
  • Support intern in connecting with local communities 
  • Promote and share news of the program on local social and web accounts


Role of the Community of Faith Sponsor


  • Brainstorm with the intern possible projects to work on that fit into one of the four climate response buckets named above
  • Possibly provide space for the intern to work for the summer (if there is space and it is accessible) 
  • Promote interns work and events 
  • Provide time for intern to present their work in worship, a lunch and learn, or other public event

Project Ideas


Need help to kick-start your project idea? Here are a few resources:

To Apply


Interested applicants are invited to submit their cover letter and resume quoting job #24-20 Canada Summer Jobs on the subject line to Human Resources: