From our Pre-Recorded Sunday School to Confirmation Curriculum and Vacation Bible School, we have resources available for all needs, whether gathering in-person or digitally.

Sunday School

Confirmation Curriculum

Vacation Bible School

Our Sunday School curriculum and lesson plans are excellent resources!

Filled with weekly lessons, activities, worship, tips, tricks, and mentoring, this resource is designed to support you in reducing research, prep, and planning time, to focus on what’s most important; relationships!

With three affordable subscription levels, we have options for all needs!

A progressive, liberal, and theologically-themed curriculum of videos, guided discussions, activities, and workbooks, based around helping youth understand who they are, who God is, and how it all fits together.

Our fun, engaging Vacation Bible School (VBS) resource is packed with worship, games, activities, and more.

It’s an incredible out-of-the-box option to be used for both in-person and virtual gatherings and is certain to be a hit!


 Meet our



Featuring adaptable lesson plans, interactive elements, worship, and more, these are ideal for groups of all sizes and ages!



 Confirmation   Curriculum is   here!


  This resource includes 7          sessions to help explore            themes of:

  “Who am I?”

  “Who is God?”

  “Who is the Spirit”

   “Who are we?” (church             history)

   “Who are we?” (UCC                 history)

   “What are we called to do? 

  “Where do we go from               here?”

In our nearly 15-year history, we’ve had the privilege of providing a theologically-driven space to help youth and children make a change in their communities.

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Sunday School Lesson Plans


Confirmation Curriculum


Pre-Recorded Sunday School


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