Confirmation Curriculum

A refreshing Confirmation Curriculum based on the values of honesty, diversity, and understanding.

A nine-unit Confirmation curriculum for teens in the United Church of Canada – and partner denominations. The lessons are built upon progressive, liberal and virtually friendly accessibility with accompanying videos, worksheets, discussion guides, and interactive activities.

The nine sessions included are;  

  • Who am I? 
  • Who is God? 
  • Who is Jesus? 
  • Who is the Spirit?  
  • Who are we? (History of Christianity)  
  • Who are we? (History of the United Church of Canada) 
  • What do other faith traditions say? 
  • What are we called to do?  
  • Where do we go from here? 

Each session comes with a video, discussion questions, and integration activities on the session’s theme. The lessons are built upon the importance of youth defining their own relationship with God and their faith through the confirmation process. As a leader, you will be given prompts and guides throughout to aid the youth on their journey.


Available for purchase February 2024!