Forms of Giving

How can I help?

With your generous support we can continue to live out our mission of creating welcoming programs for children, youth, and leaders that support spiritual development, community building, and opportunities to put faith and love into action.

1. One-Time Donations: Regardless of the amount and time of year, The GO Project is grateful to receive donations from our donors. The GO Project depends on the generosity of donors to continue to expand and grow our programming, and one-time gifts are a meaningful way to make a difference in our work today.

2. Monthly Donor Program: Our Monthly Donor Program is a wonderful way to get involved with our donor community. Being a member of our Monthly Donor Program is meaningful to The GO Project because it is a form of stable income that allows us to plan for the future and continue expanding our product offerings and services. When signing up to be a monthly donor, it is completely up to you as to the dollar amount you contribute; there is no minimum amount. 

3. Annual Giving Program: If you are unable to join our Monthly Donor Program, we encourage you to consider joining our Annual Giving Program. Similar to our Monthly Donor Program, you can choose to donate any annual amount you are able to, and there is no minimum amount.

The GO Project is always looking for new volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with The GO Project, pleasen click here for more information.

1. Social Media Following: You can support The GO Project by following us on our social media channels here! Following us on our social media channels and engaging with our content will increase our online presence and connect us with a larger audience. So be sure to comment, like, and interact with our posts to help The GO Project reach more communities. 

2. Spread the Word: Do you know someone whose passions align with the mission and vision of The GO Project? Let them know about us and spread the word!

Why become a donor?

There are several reasons why you should become a donor! First, regardless of the amount, you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the calendar year that can be claimed on your taxes. Second, you will receive information on the impact of your donation in the form of an annual impact report which will share how your gift has made a difference in the work The GO Project undertakes. Finally, you will join a large community of well-connected donors who similarly believe in supporting The GO Project’s mission.

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