Youth Forum Leadership Internship

A leadership and vocational discernment program for young leaders in the church.

The General Council, in collaboration with The GO Project, is thrilled to announce an exceptional program tailored for young individuals within the United Church of Canada! We are inviting a dynamic group of youth to embark on a two-year journey, dedicated to energizing centennial events nationwide and contributing to the organization of the Youth Forum program at GC45.

Beyond these impactful initiatives, participants will delve into leadership development, vocational discernment, mentorship, and various enriching experiences.

The program and employment for summer 2024 will begin in July 2nd and run until August 23rd. Animators will be required to attend Rendez-vous: Audacious Hope July 3rd – 6th in St. Catharine ON. Following Rendez-vous, Animators will attend a week of in-person orientation and training at Five Oaks Education & Retreat Centre, Paris ON, July 8th – 13th. After this, they will go back to their local communities and regions to work on the stated learning goals and projects for six weeks. 

Interested animators may have the opportunity to extend their involvement in the program, with the possibility of part-time planning from September 2024 to June 2025. Additionally, they may be considered for full-time employment during the summer of 2025 to implement the Youth Forum at General Council program.


General Council Youth Forum

While the General Council meets in the summer of 2025, we hope to have 100 youth present to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United Church of Canada denomination.

  • The interns will work to plan the program for the 100 youth.
  • The interns will work on a planning committee of the General Council meeting throughout the year.
  • The interns will work on planning a centennial event in their local and regional areas. 


Vocational Discernment

During their work the summer of 2024, interns will engage in opportunities to discern what careers they may like to pursue.


  • Interns will find a co-op like opportunity (vocational placement) to explore one area of work or career path they are interested in.
  • This opportunity can be within or outside of the church.
  • Interns will collaborate with their regional councils to secure a placement within the specified timeframe, dedicating one entire week to this placement.
  • The summer program will make time for interns to intentionally discern where they may feel called to ministry and work.

Leadership Development 

Throughout the summer, the program will also make time for practical and professional leadership deveopment training.  


  • Inter-cultural & inclusive event planning sensitivities 
  • Communication styles 
  • Conflict transformation 
  • Peer Feedback exercise
  • Group Dynamics
  • Online, creative, innovative  ministry
  • Gift Discovery (personality typing/skills inventories) 
  • Mental Health First Aid

To Apply


Send your resume and cover letter to by May 24th with the job reference #24-21