Diversity Statement

The GO Project Diversity Statement

July 2020

We at GO believe our mission is to create open programs and spaces for young people to learn how to put faith and love into action in the world. It is also our duty, then, to put that faith and love into action within our own organization. In order to teach hospitality and abundant love, we need to embody it ourselves. This means being intentionally and actively anti-racist in everything that we do.

The GO Project is committed to:

  • Foster an environment of curiosity, education, active listening, and courage, so that there is an opportunity for growth and space for all.
  • Being an equal opportunity employer means that all qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expressions, sexual orientation, abilities, or disabilities.
  • Maintaining a zero-tolerance stance on racist, sexist, ableist, and otherwise disenfranchising behaviour from our staff, volunteers, and leadership.

We recognize that there is also much more that we need to do and, indeed, that becoming an actively anti-racist organization will require ongoing attention to specific actions. Among the tasks before us, we acknowledge the need and commit to taking concrete steps, too:

  • Diversify our Board of Directors so that more perspectives and identities are represented in leading GO into the future.
  • Recruit and hire from diverse populations so that the participants in our programs are affirmed and motivated by seeing themselves and their identities in our leadership and staff.

Finally, we also wish to affirm that, as a ministry of The United Church of Canada’s Shining Waters Regional Council, The GO Project is fully supportive of and embraces the commitments included in the UCC’s Anti-Racism Working Group’s statement “GCE03 General Council Executive Statement that Black Lives Matter.” The statement can be found here. And Shining Waters Regional Council’s “Statement on Anti-Black Violence and Racism” can be found here.


Alana Martin – Minister to The GO Project

The GO Project Board of Directors

The GO Project Staff