Lent Series: Clare

✨It’s Staff Week! Day 28✨

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“The GO Project has given me the opportunity to see the power of people who want to make a difference. The GO Project is not only a community where I am inspired to be better, GO actively fosters a space for me and everyone involved to grow into our best selves. Every year that I am part of GO, I finish the summer with some added perspective that changes the way I look at our world and how we live in it, and in September, I return to school fuelled by the memories of moments that changed my perspective and brightened my life. I feel so lucky to know that next September, I will be a better me from the life changing moments that this summer has to offer.” – Clare @clarebeamish ?

Act of Compassion: What are the ways you spend the summer to fuel yourself for a new year ahead? Tell us!