Lent Series: Connor

? Act of Generosity: Visit the link below to send a youth to camp

“I was a youth participant of GO the past two years, first in Montreal and then in Toronto. After I came back from each one I would talk non-stop about my experience during it to all my friends. If I could say just a few things about the GO project, it is that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, I got to from amazing bonds with people, volunteer at places where we really helped people, and further explore my faith alongside the other GO youth and leaders. In the end, the GO project was really something that I will never forget and I hope more youth are inspired to participate.” – Connor ?

Act of Compassion: Connor talks about how GO gave him an opportunity to explore his faith. Today make time for devotion and spiritual practice. Pray, colour, walk, meditate… or your fav practice! Tell us what connects you to your faith ?