Lent Series: Kevin

✨It’s host week! Day 19 ✨

? Act of Gratitude: Visit the link below to donate to host a children or youth program

“We are a new GO host for 2019 because we feel it is important to provide opportunities for youth to explore their faith and the role of the Church in the context of real world issues in our very large and diverse country. We are looking forward to the arrival of the GO Team and participants and sharing in their learning process and energy. The timing of the Project is also fortuitous in that we are currently undertaking a Mission Articulation Planning process towards finding the focus of our future ministry.”- Kevin, Cowan United, St. John’s NL ?

Act of Compassion: Today we’re encouraging you to have a courageous conversation with a friend, loved one, colleague, someone you care about. What will you need to stay grounded? How do you show love in courageous conversations? Reach out to us or someone close for support! ?