Lent Series: Rebecca

✨It’s Staff Week! Day 26✨

? Act of Gratitude: Visit the link below to donate to help make our summer programs happen!

“The GO Project has been in my life for ten years now. The experiences I had as a home group leader and as staff helped me find parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. The people I have met through this program helped me learn about intentional relationships, about the world and the greatness we all carry within. The GO Project is a major part of who I am today, of the relationship I have with God and I carry the work of GO and all the people I get to call friends with me in all that I do.” – Rebecca @becca_nl ?

Act of Compassion: Today, choose your own act of compassion in the world. Is it a smile? Paying it forward? Donating to a local food bank? Letting someone cut in front of you? (Thats hard!). Choose your kindness, and tell us what you did! ?